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Tractor Problems…

Randy spent the evening working on Dad’s tractor at their house so I was in charge of the chores. Our ram has become a total pain and butts every chance he gets. He got me when I wasn’t looking and didn’t have my bucket of water to throw at him, so I dunked my arm in the stock tank and gave him a good splash. He still proceeded to butt me, so I emptied their corn and refilled my bucket with water. He looked in the bucket once and left me alone from then on. I’m not convinced he’s smart enough to know the water in the bucket was for him if he didn’t shape up, but who knows. Randy will hopefully finish up the tractor this evening and have it running. Dad hopes to have our garden worked (with the tractor and disk) tomorrow, so we can work it with the rotor tiller to break up the large clumps and get a few things in the ground (peas, carrots, potatoes, and lettuce for sure).

I spent the evening reading a book I just picked up from the library, “Living the Simple Life” by Elaine St. James. So far, so good!



Our computers were being updated at work, so I was off my computer and just killing time from 10:00-2:00.  I felt terrible all day, but felt a lot better once I was home.  Our chickens laid 8 eggs so they are becoming more productive.  Dad has offered to just let us have them, so we are going to have to get with the program and get some fencing built for them so they can have more time outside.  We had scrambled Bantie eggs for dinner, and they were good.  Since it’s staying lighter outside we have promised to dedicate some time every evening to playing with our two dogs in the backyard.  They love it!   


What a weekend…

We had a nice weekend and managed to get a lot of things done around our farm. Still no baby lambs, but they aren’t actually due to start lambing until March 7th. The chickens are definitely getting settled in. One of the roosters attacked my legs on Friday and puffed up as if to let me know who’s in charge in the coop. They are laying much better. Probably due to getting settled in their new home and the warmer weather we had last week. It has turned off cold once again and plans to stay that way for awhile, but it is February in Kansas so you can’t expect anything different.

Saturday, we worked to clean Randy’s shop so he will have room to work on some upcoming engine projects. My dd has been reluctant to move has been reluctant to find a new home for everything in the shop at our house, so we broke down and boxed it up for him and set it by the door. Our pool house is our next project, but we didn’t have the energy to tackle it this weekend.

Sunday was church and then running a few errands. Dad came up to work our garden with his tractor and disk, but it was still too wet and he ended up having tractor problems and had to go home. We built nesting boxes for the chickens and called it a day. We watched the Nascar race in the afternoon. It was too windy and cold to do much of anything outside. It was an early bedtime (7:00 pm) and an early morning (4:00 am).

Coming to work today was hard on both of us. We love being home together so much and have such a good time. However, the bills don’t pay themselves, so off to work we go!


Around the farm…

The weather was absolutely fantastic yesterday. When I got home from work I spent as much time outside as possible. Our cats needed some attention as did the sheep and llama. Our sheep like to have their noses rubbed and in the summertime their backs, but they have gotten too wooly for that. We noticed our cat, Psycho, has a bald spot on her side. She is a very old cat, so there could be a million reasons for the fur loss. It hasn’t slowed her down though, she’s still as fiesty as ever. I pulled chili out of the freezer for dinner and doctored it up and added some mozzarella cheese. It wasn’t too bad. We had church at 8:00 for Ash Wednesday. I will be honest it was our first time to attend an Ash Wednesday service, but we both really like the pastor and his wife and have decided church is just something we are going to make a part of our life. Neither one of us have regularly attended church before, so it is fairly new to both of us. We don’t get out at night much, we are morning people to say the least. So, it was nice to get to take a minute to look at the stars and the moon. The sky was perfectly clear last night. There is nothing better than seeing the stars at night, and Kansas is great for a view of the sky. In Alabama between the trees, the haze, and the city lights we very rarely saw stars at night.

The girls got with the program and laid 6 eggs last night giving us a full dozen of the miniature eggs. I think they are getting settled in their new home. I can’t wait until we can put them out on the garden for some spring cleaning. It’s the last day of the week for me, woohoo!


Ash Wednesday and Day 4 with Banties…

Fat Tuesday… Other than a long day at work, Tuesday was a great day! I had lunch at a fun little restaurant with my Grandma and Great Aunt. It was nice to get to spend some time with both of them. My dh got the corn for the sheep before I even got home and picked up an old wooden ladder from Grandma’s. When I got home Dad was tacking up the foam board insulation in the chicken coop and once he was done the ladder was cut in two and put in the chicken coop. Now they have two places to roost and climb. We noticed an egg eating issue last night before we could get one of the eggs collected. It seems to be the roosters eating the eggs, but we don’t get to observe them as much as we would like to know for sure. Dad got them for free from a guy who no longer wanted them, so they had been neglected a little. They are looking better by the day!

Dinner was Red Beans and Rice.

I soaked my rice overnight:

1 cup brown rice

2 cups water

1 T. yogurt

Soak approximately 8 hours and cook as directed. I makes a world of difference! Time to start my day at work.

Have a great Ash Wednesday!


Day 3 with Banties…

It’s Fat Tuesday!  It’s Red Bean and Rice tonight for dinner, yum.

We are on the verge of lambing season.  We have 14 sheep who should lamb starting in March.  We have a baby monitor in our room so we don’t have to go out to the shed as often to check on them.  Last night someone was upset.  Her cries woke me up through the monitor.  At 2:00 in the morning my dh and I crawled out of bed, and I went out in my pajamas with a flash light to check on them.  Everyone was safe, sound, and not in labor so back to bed we went.  Koal (our little mutt puppy dog) must have had a nightmare in the night because he woke up barking ridiculously and woke everyone up a second time.  Ash (our Blue Heeler) let out an annoyed moan and fell back asleep.

                     Koal                                               Ash

Dad’s Bantie chickens we are housing for him are doing well.  We were up to five eggs since they arrived Sunday.  Tonight we are going to fetch an old wooden ladder from Grandma’s for them to roost on and to fill our corn barrell so the sheep have corn for the week.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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