Sheep Problems…

I won’t go too into detail, but let’s just say we are struggling with Dad’s sheep.  My db left for firefighting training yesterday evening, so we are short another person.  We had a ewe miscarry a baby lamb last night, however, she is wild and in a pen with 200 other sheep so we couldn’t catch her to separate her into a pen by herself.  If we don’t get her caught soon we risk losing her to infection, mastitis, or who knows what else.  We have another sick ewe, so sick we got her separated no problem.  We are doctoring her and hopefully she will make a full recovery.  It just breaks my heart to see them sick, in pain, and scared.  We are all starting to wear down and tempers and attitudes are starting to show the strain everyone is under.

On a happier note, our little bottle baby is looking better everyday.  He was so happy to see me yesterday (he had already eaten and wasn’t just hoping for food) we couldn’t crawl through the panels fast enough to get to me.  He is like a puppy and makes me smile.


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I am the wife to my wonderful husband and joint care giver to the many animals we have acquired on our small farm here on the prairie. This is a bit about our life on our farm. We are striving for simplicity and self-sufficiency, determined to become debt-free, trying to live in tune with the natural cycles of this earth, and challenging ourselves to transition to a diet based on traditional foods. It isn't always easy, and we don't always succeed, but it is a fun learning process. Join us as we stumble through learning how to provide for ourselves, get off the treadmill, and work toward a simpler way of life.

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