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Heirloom Seeds and Plants…

Just thought I would pass along this information.  I ordered my seeds/plants from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  On their sight they have a link to order heirloom plants.  This link takes you to Abundant Acres where you can order tomatoes, peppers, etc.

So far both of the companies have been very helpful, so hopefully I receive everything correctly in the spring.  I went back and forth from seed catalog to seed catalog trying to find the best prices and reasonable shipping.  Baker Creek is located in Missouri so it has the same climate as Kansas which also lured me in. haha

Now all we need Spring!


No power…Again!


We lost our power again in the night.  So, off to work without a shower.  I love that feeling!  I went to open my car door and the door was frozen shut and my door handle popped off.  Ugh!  Just one of those mornings you wish you had stayed in bed.  On a brighter note, this is my last work day until December 26 so I’m excited about that.

Tomorrow I will ride into work with Randy to meet my cousin and head to the hospital to see my Grandma.  My cousin and I are going to hang out for the day then meet back up with Randy so he can take me home. 

I have decided to quit selling Avon for a multitude of reasons.  Like any big business they have their issues.  I quit buying their products a long time ago and intend to start making my own, so it’s just as well.  Hopefully I have some time over the break to whip up some soap and hopefully some lotion or shampoo.  I’m excited to give it a go and see what I can create.

The insurance adjuster was supposed to come out and look at our damaged roof from the ice storm this week, but we haven’t heard from him.  We were holding off cleaning until he came out, but may have to go ahead with some clean up if he doesn’t come before the holidays.  Randy has the week between Christmas and New Year’s off because his company closes down that week, so he will be a busy bee around our farm.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.


Family Photos…

Okay, I had a minute this afternoon and thought I would post again real quick and share some family photos. 

We had Thanksgiving at my Aunt’s house.  She is WONDERFUL to take over the leadership role and being the glue for our family.  She is also the one devoting her full attention to my Grandma while she is in the hospital 60 miles (and in some cases hundreds of miles) away from her children and grandchildren. 

Before we went we got some family photos for a suprise scrapbook my cousin is making for my Grandma for her 80th birthday in April.  So, without further ado….

This is me and Randy, Koal (black, hence the name) and Ash (the Blue Heeler).

My brother, Craig, and his dog, Biff.

And the whole family.  Those are my parents!

He loves having his photo taken, especially with me can you tell :  )

You may not believe it, but there was a time when we had rules in our home. 

Rule #1:  No Dogs on the Furniture!

Rule #2:  Koal can get in his dog bed on the Furniture!  (notice the dog bed half on, half off the sofa)

Rule #3:  Dogs must lay on a sheet if on the Furniture!

Rule #4:  Dogs can lay partially on and off the sheet, but do not lay on the Chenille throws!

Rule #5:  Dogs can do whatever they want, I’ll sit on the floor!

Eh, does it really matter as long as they aren’t being rambunctious and noisy? 

Last but not least is a picture of Ash with her “baby.”  It’s a stuffed otter (actually I think it’s a beaver, but we call it otter).  She can only have it when we are around, otherwise she might devour it.  She carries it around like a baby, usually by the back of the neck, but this one has her by the head.  Too cute!


Ice and Snow Pictures…

Here are a few pictures from the fun ice storm/snow storm we went through last week. 

Here is part of our backyard a portion of the way through the storm.  This is post-ice/pre-snow.  Looks like fun doesn’t it.  Almost every new fence we put up needs restretched.  For those of you with wire goat fencing you will feel my pain : )

Sorry about the blinds in the picture, but they would fly away otherwise.  Our bird feeders were frozen closed, so I took the liberty of throwing a can of sunflower seeds in our driveway every morning for the cute little things.  A few of them, a female Cardinal inparticular, looks as if she could afford to miss a meal, but who am I to decide.

Last but not least is the wonderful fridge outside our backdoor.  I just knew we would wake up to a bunch of raccoon thieves at our backdoor, but they stayed away.

Seven days after losing power, two REALLY nice guys from South Dakota hooked our power back up for us.  Yea, they were great and went the extra mile for Randy and I and we appreciate them dearly for it.

My Grandma is still in the hospital and although she is in quite a bit of pain, they seem to have backed off any new complications.  She has pancreatitis that flares up once or twice a year, so she just needs to get it back under control.  We are really hoping for a speedy recovery so she can be home for Christmas.

I have to say I am a little bit of a grinch this year.  I’m hoping to get my Christmas decorations down this weekend (Yes, before Christmas).  We have so much on our plate right now I need to do it this weekend so when the snow/mud is gone I can focus on clean up efforts at our house and Grandma’s.  So, they will be boxed up (all but the tree) and stowed away for next year.  I’m excited to start a new year.  I just place my seed/plant order today (all Heirloom), and I am so excited.  I just finished Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and for anyone who likes gardening, eating organic, or eating pasture/grass finished meat I highly recommend this book.  Loved it!  I’m such a nerd I even took notes as I read it.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. 


Bad weather and no power…


The ice and snow didn’t miss us.  I think we got about 5-6 inches of snow on top of the 1/2-1 inch of ice from the first storm that blew through.  The trees fell in the ice storm and ripped down the majority of our new fencing for the sheep and took out a small part of our privacy fence.  So, we once again have a lot of work cut out for us this winter/spring/summer.  It’s always something it seems like.  Oh well, such is the life on the farm. 

We received a nice check from an aunt of our’s for Christmas, so Randy and I want to buy something together with the money.  I thought he would say something like, a tv, or upgrade our Dish Network, but he’s actually in-tune with what we are doing with our lives these days.  He wants to buy a couple of dairy goats.  I was kind of excited about the idea.  We wanted to get them right away, but good thing we didn’t because our fencing isn’t ready for it now.  So, in the spring we will not only increase and diversify our chicken flock, but we will also add dairy goats to our little farm. 

We are still undecided on the type of chickens we will get.  We will for sure increase the number of banties we have.  We love them!  They are great foragers, need very little food to supplement their diet, and give us plenty of eggs for our personal use (and usually some extras for Grandma and Mom & Dad).  We need to do a little more research to see if there are any dual-purpose breeds we can house with our banties without them destroying the little banties, want our new addition to be a heritage breed, and hope to find one who lays well in the winter as well the warmer months.

My Grandma is in the hospital again.  She was having some trouble with her heart, and she has pancreatitis.  Her pancreatitis flares up about once or twice a year and puts her in the hospital, but her heart is a new concern.  So, hopefully she gets out of there before Christmas or that will be terrible for her.  I think we will all probably spend Christmas (or at least rotate shifts) in the hospital with her if that is the case.  We just hope that isn’t the case.

Hope everyone has a good evening!


Just an Update…

I have started getting the signs of a cold coming on.  We have Randy’s Christmas party this weekend so it is no time to be sick.  I am taking Echinacea/Goldenseal morning/night, Vitamin C 1000 mg morning, and Elderberry concentrate with ½ cup orange juice morning.  I have also been putting eucalyptus and tea tree oil in our humidifier which seems to be helping at night.  Randy says our room smells like pine needles, but a small price to pay for good health.

Our little kitten, Spooky, has been sick pretty much since we got him.  I took him to a third vet on Friday.  She thinks his little system has been overloaded with antibiotics, so you know what she prescribed?  Yogurt, I was so impressed.  She thinks he just needs to rebuild the good bacteria in his system, and he will be good as new.  She just became our full-time cat doctor.  We like to use as many vets as we can, so if there is an emergency we have them all “on call.”  Our dogs use one, our sheep and llama use another, and our cats now use another.

I saw a fox on my way to work.  I tried to get a picture, but it was gone by the time I turned the car around and got situated.  Foxes are kind of rare for our area, but it was so neat to see one with its big poofy tail.  We also had a chubby little possum in our front yard this morning when I walked out.  I think they are so cute in and ugly kind of way.  He waddled as fast as his little stubby legs would carry him into the pine trees.  Too cute.

We had a Nourishing Traditions soup last night.  I will try to remember to post it, it was good.  Our menu rotation (2 week-rotation) is going well so far.  We get messed up here and there, but for the most part it is working.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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