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Making Herbal Tea…

We are on a tight budget and one of our “budget busters” is tea (and coffee).  In hopes of saving money in this department I decided to mix up my own herbal tea with herbs from our herb garden.  This was so easy it’s a shame I didn’t do it sooner.

All I did was take a quart of dried spearmint and a quart of dried lemon balm from the pantry.

Put them in my food processor.

And voila….

Herbal Tea.  Please excuse my sloppy, smeared label. 

This is really good to sip on these cold winter evenings.


Growing Like Weeds…



He’s are playful little cutie.

His motor is always rumbling.

Bandit is our sweetheart.  He is always at your feet tugging on your pant leg with his front paws.

Roxie is our tubby girl.  She has a crush on Cooter and is constantly at the food bowl trying to keep up with him.

Murphy was the first kitten we brought home.  He likes to be loved on, but doesn’t like to be held.

One board on our pool deck is warped allowing them entrance under the deck.  This is where Pudgy found himself for two days when he refused to come out when we locked everyone up.  Foxie is in the blackberry brambles looking startled, and Pudgy and Max are taking off toward the road.  Max got in trouble for getting in the road on more than one occasion.

Stewart is headed under.  Yeah I see you!

And the man of the cat house……


He’s such a photogenic little kittie.

He just loves having his picture taken.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Number 2…

We had another little ram lamb last night.  I took some pictures of the little guy when he was still very new to the world.

See how his mama is trying to get him all cleaned up.

This little guy is a Dorper ram lamb.  We borrowed a Dorper ram from Dad so we could get a few more Dorpers on our farm.  Mama and baby are both doing well.   

They are calling for snow today and tomorrow.  Hopefully everyone stays warm through it all.  So far the girls have been good about getting into the building and out of the elements.  Hope it continues to go well.


Still no home study….

Okay, I’m a little disappointed we haven’t received our home study yet.  Hopefully it makes it here this week so we can get it sent off to immigration.  We did get our KBI background checks back and all is well (again) there.


It’s a boy…


Yesterday we had a bouncing baby boy LAMB in our lot when I got home from work.  The mama  was WI-ld and didn’t think she needed to go into a lambing pen.  Finally I got her into the pen with her baby, got her stripped (removing the waxy plug from each ewe teat), and ran to Dad’s to get alfalfa since we haven’t gotten our’s yet.  When I got home with her hay I noticed she still hadn’t let the little guy nurse.  He was crying and everytime he tried to nurse she bolted.  She has a ton of milk, but wasn’t quite sure she wanted the baby to nurse her.  Finally after some hands-on convincing/wrestling I was able to hold her still long enough for the baby to nurse.  He was quick to pick it up, and I could feel her relax a bit.  I loosened my grip on her, but still didn’t leave until I knew he had gotten enough. 

Everyone seemed content and happy at midnight when I went out to check on them and then again this morning.  Mama and baby will stay locked up two full days to make sure they bond.

I’m in hopes my brother or Dad can swing in later this morning and around lunchtime to make sure everyone is okay.  Now that it has begun we will have to enlist others to help us out.  Randy has a friend, Dan, who is so great to us when we are lambing.  He stops by throughout the day to make sure everyone is okay and calls to give us an update.

This is a big year for us lambing with about 60 ewes bred.  I am cutting my hours at work again so I can be home a little more, but they will still be left alone three days a week.  Dan is so great to lend a hand those three days when we can’t be there.

Hopefully the remainder of lambing season goes as well as yesterday!


Furniture Polish…

I have tried other recipes for homemade furniture polish and this is by far my favorite.  I use olive oil from Sam’s….nothing fancy.

Furniture Polish:

 1 cup olive oil

1 t lemon essential oil

     **I didn’t have lemon, so I used 25 drops grapefruit e.o. and 25 drops lavender e.o.

Shake well before use.

I store mine in a pint-sized wide-mouth canning jar.


Still no home study…

We were in hopes our home study would arrive last week.  However, last week came and went and still no home study.  We still aren’t getting impatient.  I’ll admit I gave Randy my huffy, “our home study didn’t come again today” Friday and Saturday evening.  If it isn’t setting in our mailbox when I get home today I will probably do the same tonight.  He’s expecting it from me now.  I don’t want to let the him down.

We have been asked numerous times about adopting a Haitian baby.  We would definitely consider adopting from Haiti if a reasonable process is implemented, but for now Ethiopia is where our first adoption will take place.  Finances are always a concern where international adoption is concerned so for now we are focusing on our current adoption and anxiously awaiting our home study, so we can anxiously await our referral, so we can anxiously await our travel date.  We are still trying to finish up the requirements for a U.S. adoption as well so we will see what the future holds for our family.

It seems as of right now our 21 chickens, 70 sheep, 11 cats, 3 dogs, 1 llama, and at least 5 stray cats and kittens are keeping our days (and nights) full.  Today is the first official day our sheep could start lambing.  We are praying for a uneventful lambing season where everyone is healthy and safe.  We are always anxious for it to get underway once the due date has arrived.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Adopting one child won't change the world; but for that child, the world will change.

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