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A Day In the City…

Randy and I took a day away from the farm to hang out and hit some vintage stores and thrift stores.  On our way to a VW shop we took a back street and saw this really cool fence.

And this skinny little building.

It was between the railroad tracks and a busy street.  Not sure what it used to be or what it is being used for now, but thought it was interesting.

Sorry for the blurry picture, but it is the only one I have of a couple thrift store finds.  I hope to have them refinished soon and will share pictures of their transformation.


Just a Quick Update…

There is nothing better than the feeling we get when we can provide food for ourselves.

We don’t have a huge garden this year, but we have a nice little selection of produce at our fingertips.

Enough that we are able to make an entire healthy, chemical-free meal all from stuff from our farm.

We added some eggs to the veggies above and had a delicious meal.

Remember these macrame plant hangers?  I have had many a crack made about the fact that I drug this beauty (minus the pot) home from the Salvation Army for $1.75 the other day.  I bucket of soapy water and the spray nozzle on our hose and it was good as new.  Even the lady at the Salvation Army said, “I was wondering when we were going to sell this.  It has been here FOREVER.”  I was still undeterred and think it looks great in our bedroom.  The pot was one I found laying around that mom had left behind.  I little bit of spray paint and it was ready to go.


Dad’s Birthday…

On our way home from the art show we stopped at mom and dad’s to wish dad a happy birthday.  We just hung out outside and watched all their animals.

This is Fuzzy…a little pet bottle lamb all grown up with twins.

Fuzzy is needing some attention.

Baby Sidney wandering away from mama.

And Sidney getting reeled back in beside mama, Dolly.

It was just a nice evening watching all the animals and catching up with mom and dad.


Harvest Time Means Grain Truck Issues…

It wouldn’t be harvest if this ol’ girl didn’t break down at least once.

We told the elevator guy, who happens to be our cousin, we were going to put a sign up to hold our parking place at the elevator entrance.

Randy did all the little tests to determine what he already knew.  It was a fuel pump (always is).

I took some photos and read a couple articles in Mary Jane’s Farm magazine and before too long he had her running again.  Mom was there with a grain truck borrowed from another cousin.  The three of us got the borrowed truck returned, the red truck back to the field, and headed home to finish up our chores.

Did I mention before all of this we had worked all day, commuted, Randy worked a little overtime, mom came down that evening and helped me work the remainder of our lambs that needed worked before we all headed to the elevator and/or the wheat field.  Somedays I wonder how we keep going.  It is by God’s grace we have the energy to do all that needs to be done and fall into bed truly tired and deserving of sleep.

He saved us, not because of the righteous things we had done, but because of His mercy…

Titus 3:5


Restoring a Manure Spreader…

This beauty was buried in a tree row with a tree growing up in the middle of it.

My husband had his heart set on it the moment he saw it.

Dad said it had sat in that tree row for about fifty years and tried to convince Randy it would be froze up and nothing would turn after that man years.

One evening while Randy had his Dad’s help they drug it out of the tree row and to everyone’s surprise everything broke free and turned on the ol’ girl.

They used reclaimed wood that was thrown away from a fence that had blown down at Grandma’s last spring.

The guys worked and worked to get all the boards replaced.

Randy’s Dad oiled the wood.

And within a couple of days it was all but ready to sling manure in our pasture.  All Randy has into it is $8 for a couple of springs.  It needs new/used tires, but for now they hold air until it is time to use it.


A New Deck In Our Backyard…

When Randy’s Dad was here, the two of them and my Dad worked (literally) sun up to sun down on a deck off the back of our house.

A week or so after the deck was done Randy and I sealed it.

We still need steps on it, but hopefully those will get done soon.

Harvest came earlier than usual this year, so we had to sneak this project in right before harvest or not until fall.

The guys did such a great job.  It will be so nice to relax out back in the shade with the dogs.



We came home from a graduation party this evening and as we were getting out of the car noticed this to the south of our house.

I watched it for quite awhie until I could see for sure which direction it was moving.

There really cool to see from afar.

You can see another one to the left trying to get going.

The first one is fizzling out while the second one is gaining momentum.  Did you know they can start from the ground up?  Yeah, me neither.

We rushed to get chores done while all around us these little water spouts kept popping up.

Kind of a scary night.

I have lived in Kansas all my life and this is the first time I have ever seen a tornado in real life.

We hope everyone was in a safe place when these storms rolled through.

Adopting one child won't change the world; but for that child, the world will change.

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