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Make your own shampoo…

This was a really easy recipe for making your own shampoo.  I have a recipe that actually makes it from lye, but for a good starter shampoo this one is great. 

Sorry I didn’t actually do a tutorial.  This made more than enough for Randy and I, so I didn’t go ahead and make another batch. 

Herbal Shampoo:

2 cups Distilled water

4 oz of Castile Soap (lavender, peppermint, etc.)

½ oz. (2 T.) Rosemary

½ oz (2 T.) Sage

½ oz. (2 T.) Nettles

½ oz. (2 T.) Lavender

2000 mg MSM

Mix the herbs in a mason jar, which has a lid.  Boil 2 cups distilled water.  Add 3 heaping tablespoons of the mixed herbs into the boiling water.  Pull the boiling water and herbs off the stove.  Let the herb mixture sit for 30-40 minutes.  Put the 2000 mg MSM into the herb mixture after 30 minutes of cooling.  After 40 minutes and the MSM is melted, strain the herbal mixture into a bowl.

Pour 2-2 ½ oz of strained herbal tea into an 8 oz bottle.  Now, pour the 4 oz of castile soap into the bottle.  Cap the bottle and shake to mix the ingredients.

The shampoo is now finished and ready for use.  Use this as a bas for all the shampoos you make.  You can add different herbs as you learn what these herbs do and how they help your hair.  You can vary the ingredients according to your taste. 

**I added 4 drops of Rosemary essential oil for good measure since I struggle with thinning hair.

*MSM-an organic sulphur compound in gel, liquid, powder, cream or capsule form.  Consult your doctor before using MSM, especially if you are using medication.

*Rosemary-stimulates the hair follicles and helps to prevent premature baldness

*Sage-has antioxidants and keeps things from spoiling and is antibacterial

*Nettles-acts as a blood purifier, blood stimulator, contains a large source of nutrients for hair growth

*Lavender-controls the production of sebaceous gland oil and reduces itchy and flaky scalp conditions

The herbs came from More Than Alive.  They have a great selection of herbs I couldn’t find at other places and great prices.

The finished product!

I have been using it for about a week.  It gives my hair a lot more volume, however, it also gives it a different feel than my commercial shampoo.  I am still getting used to it.  It’s not thick like commercial shampoo, but it doesn’t take a lot and lathers really well.




I saw this on another lady’s blog, but her blog has been closed since so I cannot link it.  So, I typed up the directions and thought I would pass them along. 


This is a fun way to make soap without the worry of using lye.  You can adjust the herbs and vitamins to meet your family’s needs.


4 (4 oz.) bar IVORY Soap

1 ½ cups Water

6 Chamomile tea bags (or ½ to 1 cup favorite dry herbs)

3 oz. Olive Oil

1 oz. Vitamin E Oil

2 T. Vitamin A

Essential Oil for fragrance (optional)

In a stainless steel pan, bring water to a boil then add tea bags and steep, covered over low heat for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, grate soap.  I use a food processor.

Remove tea bags and squeeze well.  Add grated soap and stir gently.  Over stirring will cause suds.  Melt soap, covered on low to medium heat while folding melted portions in every few minutes.  This process may take awhile.  This allows you to do other things around the kitchen while your soap is melting.  You may need to add small amounts of water if bottom of pan gets too hot.

When soap is melted, fold in oils and vitamins.  Continue heating over low heat and covered while folding occasionally, until soap is smooth.

Turn soap out into an 8 inch square pan lined with plastic wrap.  Shake pan vigorously to even out mixture and bring any air bubbles to the surface.  Smooth the top with the back of spoon if necessary. 

When surface skims over, you can put the pan in the freezer to speed up the firming process or just let it set for about 4-6 hours.  I let mine set overnight.

When soap feels firm turn it out onto a board and cut it into bars with a sharp knife.  You can chop up the trimmings and squeeze them into soap balls if you like.

Set soap on end and let dry 2-6 weeks, depending on how much water was added.  Turn bars halfway through the drying process.  This soap is ready to use at any time, but the less dry it is the faster it dissolves and will crumble easily.

*not the greatest photo of the soap, but you get the idea : )

Use this soap for gifts or just for your family.  Enjoy!

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