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Dad’s Birthday…

On our way home from the art show we stopped at mom and dad’s to wish dad a happy birthday.  We just hung out outside and watched all their animals.

This is Fuzzy…a little pet bottle lamb all grown up with twins.

Fuzzy is needing some attention.

Baby Sidney wandering away from mama.

And Sidney getting reeled back in beside mama, Dolly.

It was just a nice evening watching all the animals and catching up with mom and dad.


Cat’s Art Show…

Randy and I went to an art show put on by one of my friends, Cat, to raise money for a charity to help people with Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome (KT).  She had lots of her artwork on display and up for bidding.

Me, Cat, and Juliana

Friends all through school and college roommates

It was so great to see both of them and chat.  I get to see Juliana a lot more now that she lives closer, but Cat lives far away now and it had been years since I had seen her.

Randy was the good natured photographer for us girls.

Toward the end Cat got up and spoke about her disease and her life.  Thankfully her niece had handed out tissues beforehand.

Randy and I were fortunate enough to get the winning bid on one of her pieces of artwork.  It is so my style with bright fun colors.  I loved every single piece, but that one piece inparticular was screaming my name so I had to bid on it and was fortunate enough to get it.

I love you Cat.  You are always in my prayers and hope we are able to stay in touch.


Ruby’s First Haircut (Awake)…

 Ruby and I took a trip to a nearby town to a dog groomer.  Now we are not used to seeking out groomers…never needed one with our other dogs.  So this was foreign to us.  We found a girl who was will to try trimmig up our sometimes nippy ewok, gremlin, guinea pig, whatever we refer to her as depending on the day…sometimes, Ruby!

This is our precious little girl before.  We decided she looks A LOT like Chewbacca here.

She was already terrified because I put her seatbelt harness on her.

This is her after.  Doesn’t even look like the same dog does it?  We took in a Brussels Griffon and got back a Chiuaua.

Don’t you think she loves it?

She went from a rough coat Brussels Griffon to a smooth coat in a matter of a few hours.

She even got a stars and stripes bandana after her haircut.  She was such a good little girl at the groomer’s while I hit up all the thrift stores in town and had a fun time doing some second-hand shopping by myself.


Harvest Time Means Grain Truck Issues…

It wouldn’t be harvest if this ol’ girl didn’t break down at least once.

We told the elevator guy, who happens to be our cousin, we were going to put a sign up to hold our parking place at the elevator entrance.

Randy did all the little tests to determine what he already knew.  It was a fuel pump (always is).

I took some photos and read a couple articles in Mary Jane’s Farm magazine and before too long he had her running again.  Mom was there with a grain truck borrowed from another cousin.  The three of us got the borrowed truck returned, the red truck back to the field, and headed home to finish up our chores.

Did I mention before all of this we had worked all day, commuted, Randy worked a little overtime, mom came down that evening and helped me work the remainder of our lambs that needed worked before we all headed to the elevator and/or the wheat field.  Somedays I wonder how we keep going.  It is by God’s grace we have the energy to do all that needs to be done and fall into bed truly tired and deserving of sleep.

He saved us, not because of the righteous things we had done, but because of His mercy…

Titus 3:5


Wood Cook Stove Construction…

Isn’t the wood inside this wall pretty.

We hated to cover it up, but the show must go on.

Insulation board

Bearded Randy applying the thinset between layers.

Randy mixing the thinset in the house before he realized it was coating our entire house with a layer of grey dust.

Concrete board…not-so-fun to haul around.

Our instructor…Craig, my brother, showing us the ropes.

It is amazing what an awesome teacher he is.  He is so patient.

Me in my smoking hot construction gear.  I was a tiling machine…jogging suit and slippers.  Cute, right?

Randy looks dressed a little more appropriate for the assignment.

Wouldn’t be our house if there wasn’t a dog helping…inparticular a cute little blue heeler.

I apparently sprung for the velor black pants, a sweatshirt, and slippers for day 2 of tiling.

At least I’m not in the same clothes as the day before, eh hem.

These decorative tile will hopefully fall right above the top shelf of the stove.

The tile is up and ready for grout.  Craig was so good to come do the grout for us.  We were left in charge of wiping it down a thousand times until all the grout was off the tile.

Fortunately, we live in a little country neighborhood with the most helpful people you will ever find.  One friend drove out from town with a friend of his and our neighbor came over early-ish on a Sunday morning.  We thought with the moving straps this would be enough guys, but fortunately our two other neighbors saw the struggle, stopped, and offered to help.

Five guys were able to manuver this beauty into our house and onto the tile after being stored away for over six months in our garage.

We still have to get the chimney installed and eventually we hope to hook it to our hot water system for hot water in the winter, but for now we are just excited to finally have it inside.

Some think it is cool.  Some think it is the most ridiculous thing they have ever heard.  We just tell them we want to be less dependent.  Sometimes it gets their wheels turning.  Sometimes they have their minds made up that it is absurd.  Either way, we are excited and undeterred.


Wood Cook Stove Destruction…

 Way back in December began a huge undertaking for Randy.  We decided against all the naysayers we wanted to install a wood cookstove.  So after months of research we finally found the perfect stove for our needs….and the demolition began.

This was our cute little entry way before.

cutting out the floor

Next came the wall with its pretty hidden wallpaper.

and surprise….lath and plaster.

Apparently this is lots of fun to tear out.

Am I a lucky girl or what…he cleaned up after himself as he went, so I came home from work to a clean construction area.  He did such a good job and got it all ripped out and ready to reconstruct in one day.  He’s awesome!


Restoring a Manure Spreader…

This beauty was buried in a tree row with a tree growing up in the middle of it.

My husband had his heart set on it the moment he saw it.

Dad said it had sat in that tree row for about fifty years and tried to convince Randy it would be froze up and nothing would turn after that man years.

One evening while Randy had his Dad’s help they drug it out of the tree row and to everyone’s surprise everything broke free and turned on the ol’ girl.

They used reclaimed wood that was thrown away from a fence that had blown down at Grandma’s last spring.

The guys worked and worked to get all the boards replaced.

Randy’s Dad oiled the wood.

And within a couple of days it was all but ready to sling manure in our pasture.  All Randy has into it is $8 for a couple of springs.  It needs new/used tires, but for now they hold air until it is time to use it.

Adopting one child won't change the world; but for that child, the world will change.

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